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Benefits Of Mavcoat Mold Release Technology

  • Multiple Releases
  • No Transfer
  • Easy Demolding
  • Keeps Molds Clean
  • Reduces Scrap
  • Non-Silicone
  • Resists Mold Fouling
  • Cost Effective
  • Water-Based
  • Promotes post mold bonding
We have developed a unique mold release chemistry that performs like a ceramic coating to meet the needs of advanced composites manufacturing.  The technology uniformly wets the mold surface and cures to form a protective barrier that withstands very high temperatures (1,500°F), which is needed for today’s impregnated carbon fiber resin systems that require longer duration cure cycles at elevated temperatures.
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Mavcoat Engineered Mold Release Coatings provide highly effective release properties for polyurethane elastomers and resins from aluminum, urethane, epoxy, fiberglass, and steel molds. Mavcoat mold release coatings for urethane are available in paintable or non-paintable grades.  For example, Mavcoat CDN is a unique, non-silicone coating that releases all types of urethane from shore A to shore D hardness with any system even those with polyether or polyester backbones. Read More
Fluorosilicone, Natural, Nitrile, or peroxide-cured EPDM used in compression, transfer, or injection molding manufacturing processes, Maverix Solution makes a mold release agent for your application.  Mavcoat mold release coatings are used in the molding operations for all types of rubber elastomers.  Mavcoat releases are currently used to make products such as silicone hoses and airplane door seals, EPDM o-rings, gaskets, and mats, Nitrile industrial seals, and Fluorocarbon packing elements (packers) for the oil field industry.  Much of our chemistry is non-silicone, water-based, and semi-permanent for multiple releases with a single application. Read More …
Rotationally Molded Parts    
Use Mavcoat water-based, semi-permanent mold release coatings for the release of all linear and cross-linked thermoplastics.  Only a single coat is needed.  Mavcoat ROTO contains a unique chemistry that releases all types of LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Nylon, and Cross-linked resins, which eliminates the need for 2 releases for the two major classes of thermoplastics.  Furthermore, parts do not warp no matter how much is applied.  Molds remain clean and several parts can be made with only a single application at the beginning of the shift.  Mavcoat release coatings are used to make many types of products such as kayaks, food service bins, trash cans, and shipping cases. Read More …
Injection Plastics    
Aerosol cans of Mavcoat Paintable Mold Release are used by injection molders for the release of all plastic resins without silicone.  We have simplified the need for several types of mold release to 2 products that will mold all resins.  Just imagine the ease of purchasing, inventorying, and using just 1 or 2 mold releases for all presses!  In addition, we designed mold maintenance products to work together - Mavcoat 425 Mold Cleaner and Mavcoat Mold Saver.  Use Mold Saver to protect tools from oxidation and corrosion then use 425 Mold Cleaner to quickly remove the protective film without wiping.  No reject parts upon startup so scrap is reduced and money is saved.  These four products form the “Injection molder’s tool kit” to provide everything the press operator needs to work efficiently. Read More …
Mavcoat coatings for fiberglass are designed to release fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), glass reinforced plastics (GRP), and epoxy systems.  They will release gel coated or non-gel coated polyester and vinylester resins.  Gel coats will not fish-eye upon spray application.  Mavcoat fiberglass releases are solvent-based, high performance, coatings that easily wet molds to fill-in micro porosity on the tooling surface, which produces cosmetically perfect parts with glossy, smooth surfaces.  They are also semi-permanent so several parts can be made with a single application.  Parts produced with Mavcoat fiberglass releases include truck bodies and sleeper cabs, boat components, airplane fuselage, cultured marble sinks, bathtubs, and shower enclosures, automotive hoods, spoilers, flares, and body kits. Read More …
Mavcoat ADG is an excellent example of our water-based emulsions specially formulated for release of glass-fiber reinforced concrete (G.F.R.C.), GRC, precast concrete, and composite reinforced concrete from molds made of polyurethane, silicone, rubber, epoxy, and fiberglass.   Mavcoat release agents have a long shelf life and will not separate!  Also, no mixing before use is needed!  These coatings eliminate concrete build-up and do not stain or transfer to the concrete surface.  Therefore, finished parts are color-ready and paint-ready.  Products such as fireplace surrounds, mantels, columns, balustrades, architectural elements and moldings are manufactured using one of our Mavcoat release coatings for composite concrete. Read More …
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